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Coach Information

Please review the Rules by Age Group, COVID-19 Resources, and the following coach packet for instructions and contact information for the season.

Practice Plans

The following practice plans can be used as a guide to run a fun and fast-paced practice while teaching basic skills of the game.

Skills & Drills Videos

The video links below are from former D1 athletes who are sharing their passion for softball. These short videos feature different skills to help you learn more as a coach. You can incorporate many of the drills into your practice plans or send links to your players for specific help with an area they're trying to improve.


Amanda Scarborough is a former Division 1 pitcher for Texas A&M and co-founder of The Packaged Deal. She has a huge social media following and is an announcer for many of the televised softball games.

Hard Work

Pitching Tips

4 No-Nos


How to Throw Strikes Consistently

3/4 Drill


Leg Power

Jump-up Drill

Arm Circle

Around the World

Get Ahead in the Count

How to Pitch in Bunt Situations

Accuracy & Change-up


Drop ball

Rise ball

Screw ball


Jen Schroeder is a former Division 1 catcher for UCLA and co-founder of The Packaged Deal. She has a huge social media following and many free videos you can dig through. She also created The Core Four video series that focuses on the basics of catching (seen as low as $50).



Blocking Tips

Fundamental Blocking Progression

3 Ball Blocking

Framing Outside Pitch

Wall Sit Framing

Throwing Mechanics

Throwing out a Runner

Throwing from Knees

Tagging out a Runner at Home

prevent injuries and an obstruction call by leaving a path for the base runner to slide

Catcher Workout

The Core Four Introduction

Fielding, Hitting, & Baserunning

Megan Rembielak is a former Division 1 shortstop for Appalachian State University. She is an up-and-comer to social media, starting her MegRem Softball YouTube page in September 2020. Her videos focus on fielding, hitting, and base running.

MegRem Softball website

MegRem Softball YouTube Channel


For All Positions

Batter's Box Routine - Amanda 

Grip for all overhand throws - Jen

Funneling - Dan Blewett, Snap Softball

Lawnmower Drill - Dan Blewett, Snap Softball

Rocker Drill - Dan Blewett, Snap Softball

Long Toss - Jen

Four Corner Drill - Jen