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Volunteer Opportunities

Time = $

The BNGSA qualifies under the applicable IRS Code Sections as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

Some companies have programs that donate money to non-profit organizations on behalf of employees who donate their time to the organization. For example, State Farm has the Good Neighbor Grant Program. If you are a State Farm employee and have donated at least 40 hours of service to the BNGSA, you can direct the State Farm Foundation to contribute $500 to the BNGSA.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Board of Directors

The BNGSA Board of Directors meets monthly from October through May to direct the vision and mission of the organization as defined in our bylaws. The Board is composed of two divisions of elected volunteers who sit on the Travel Board or the In-Town Board.


Travel Coaches

Travel team coaches must be approved by the BNGSA Travel Board. These individuals need to:
  • be willing to carry out the mission of the BNGSA organization
  • submit an application of their qualifications and background
  • submit an outline of plans for the upcoming season (practice philosophy, assistant coaches, number of games, tournament schedule, etc.)

Coaches will be named prior to tryouts. Any coach not following the code of conduct or spirit of the organization may be excluded from coaching in the BNGSA.

In-Town Coaches and Assistants

An investment of your time, a commitment to set a positive example, and a completed background check qualify you to help coach an In-Town team. Complete the Coach Registration Form to express your interest.

Team Parents

Team parents can assist coaches with various tasks from keeping the batting order to organizing a postseason party. Contact your player's coach for ways you can help.

General Volunteers

It takes many forms of expertise for the BNGSA to successfully fulfill its mission. If you would like to volunteer your talents, please contact us.