College Softball Graduate

“To me, BNGSA is a great organization that allows for competitive softball at all levels of age and exposure without the hefty ticket price. I like to think of it as a homegrown locally owned business that has the interest of the heart of the game at the forefront. Having fun, while playing hard is most important. And when it comes to recruiting, BNGSA coaches and the organization keep the right fit in mind for the girls.”


“There are alot of things I like about BNGSA. I think the first thing that comes to mind is it really feels more like a family than just a team. I played for BNGSA as a kid and enjoyed it. Love that we can stay “local” and have a competitive team and an organization that really cares about the players and you can tell there are a lot of hardworking members on the board.”

College Softball Player

“I would say the thing I love about BNGSA is how it is a family atmosphere. When I’m with the Angels, they always talk about how the other BNGSA teams are doing. Also, there are always leaders that young girls can look up to and work hard to become. I came back to help coach with BNGSA to help spread the love of the game to young girls so they can strive to become the best female leaders they can!”


“In the short season we had, my daughter learned so much about the game, grew as a player and teammate, and made some great friendships along the way. We are very grateful for everything this organization has done to provide these girls with a softball season.”