HALOS Red / Mike & Sara Wheeler
Lainey Bellas 
Harlow Blust
Elle Fesler
Kennadie Finchum
Rudy Gilbert 
Jersey Katz
Olivia Kaufman
Brynn Landrus 
Melinda Lawrence
Avery Moody
Alia Riddle
Brenna Stover 
Cali White  


The BNGSA Halos Blue (10-under) will hold a tryout for travel team at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Normal Community High School. The fields are located in the athletic complex north of the school.
Girls born in 2009 and after are eligible.
They should wear T-shirt, softball pants for sliding and cleats. Also, bring a bat, glove, helmet and water to the tryout.
Questions: Mike Egenes, mike.egenes@gmail.com